social media icons

There’s no doubt that blogs are very beneficial to businesses today. They are useful in promoting a company’s products, services and events and sharing valuable information that can make people’s lives easier.

But it’s more than just creating a blog for your company as there are various factors to consider to make the site successful. These include content, images, links, plugins and other tools.

The social media buttons are also an essential part of a blog. They can help you gain more followers and build trust with them. They also make your blog look more appealing and last but not least, they allow you to determine which sections of your blog are popular.

These social media sharing buttons can be added to your website or blog pages as well as to every blog post for easier sharing. You wouldn’t want your visitors to exert extra effort by copying and pasting the link to your blog post or blog page every time they want to share it on their social networking sites, would you? But with these social media icons added at the end of a post or a web page, people can simply click it if they want to share the information with their friends and colleagues.

Coupled with these sharing icons should be top quality content every time. When you ensure that your blog posts are well written, easily understood and provides value to readers, you can be sure your site will attract more people moving forward. More tips are available at the Eatonweb blog.

How to Add Social Media Buttons

There are two options for adding these social media icons on your blog. You can create them yourself or you can use available standard images online.

But first, you need to decide which social networks you want to include. The most commonly used are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Do make sure, however, that the icons you add are those of networking sites where you are active.

If you want to be creative, though, do use icons that people can easily recognize and those that match your blog’s design. And for easy downloading, stick to the 60px by 60px size for each icon.

When you’re done with choosing the icons, upload them to your blog’s media library and make sure that each image has a URL. Then depending on the blogging platform you use, find the area for the html code.

From there, you can test the social media icons and find out if they take you to the right site.