Find below 30+ popular web solutions in 2020, each being reviewed on short so you can make a general impression of how it will help you.

We covered many niches:

  • WordPress themes and plugins
  • WooCommerce support service
  • Website and landing page builders
  • Email creators
  • Affordable logo design contest platforms
  • Logo builders
  • Much more

Take your time to read the reviews and test these solutions, you will find very useful solutions.

Let’s start

  1. WooCommerce Help for WordPress Websites

WooCommerce is powering over 1.5 million stores, and it is one of the best platforms for launching an online store for free, in just a few minutes. It never was easier to sell products online.

This platform has tons of extensions that will supercharge your store, it is easy to use, but what do you do when things go wrong?

Professional WooCommerce stores from all over the world collaborate with WPcustomify, an agency focused 100% on this platform. These friendly professionals will take care of all your technical store needs:

  • They will install extensions.
  • They will configure each part of your store as you need.
  • They will fix problems.

You cannot and should not run a WooCommerce store without having on your side such a service. This platform is great when it is used at its maximum capacity.

Focus on getting more sales, not on the technical part of WooCommerce, for this, you can get WPcustomify help.

  1. actiTIME

Low productivity has many adverse effects. It poses a massive barrier for businesses on their way to better financial performance. As for individuals, it prevents us from completing the planned work on time and makes us feel unaccomplished ever so often.

The causes of reduced productivity are many, yet the most significant one is unskillful use of time. But don’t you worry! actiTIME, a high-quality piece of time tracking software, is designed to help you develop a more in-depth insight into how well you spend time, identify any behavioral bottlenecks, and make smarter time distribution decisions.

actiTIME allows you to:

  • Create projects and allocate tasks to team members;
  • Track hours utilized for on diverse assignments;
  • Collect data on employee performance, as well as project costs and revenues, and review it in an easy way with multiple reports and charts.

These features foster a comprehensive and objective analysis of individual and team performance and provide all the necessary information for an immense productivity boost.

Besides, actiTIME is very user-friendly and flexible – it can be configured to satisfy a diverse set of needs and preferences and may be integrated with many other instruments for project management and accounting through Zapier and API.

Another point in favor of actiTIME is its affordability. If you want to implement the product just by yourself or in the team of up to three members – great news! You can do so at absolutely no cost and without any time limits. Sign up for a free actiTIME trial and bring your productivity to the next level.

  1. Total

Total is the most flexible, complete, and fast WordPress theme that you can use in 2020. This complete package (40+ demos, 80+ builder modules, 500+ styling options, premium plugins – Visual Page Builder, Templatera, Slider Revolution) will help you create any kind of website you need, in no time, without having any coding or design skills.

Take a look at Total, it is not the average WordPress theme that you always see.

  1. Webdesign Toolbox

The best tools will make you’re a better web designer, coder, online entrepreneur, marketers, and blogger. But how can you quickly find the very best tools in the era of advertising? Google and most of the websites are filled with tons of ads and you normally see only the products that are advertised.

The solution for this is Webdesign Toolbox – a human-curated web tools directory. Here you will find 965 web resources (manually added and carefully selected) in 78 different categories.

It is simple to find the best tools. You enter a category and check all the included solutions.

Bookmark Webdesign Toolbox and use it whenever you are looking for web tools and services.

  1. TestingBot

You need a professional, feature-rich, yet simple to use solution for manual and automated testing? TestingBot is the right solution for you, letting you do all kinds of tests, including live testing, multi-device testing, and much more.

Start a free trial and see how it works.

  1. Codester

Codester is the best marketplace for web designers, and developers, here they will find hundreds of thousands of PHP scripts and codes, app templates, themes, plugins, graphics, and even free stuff.

  1. Taskade – Remote Team Workspace

Taskade is a professional and innovative remote team collaboration tool that is used by tons of companies and teams from all over the world.

The remote team workspace can be fully customized or created from 0. You decide how you want to proceed, both ways are simple and quick.

Use for free Taskade for 10 projects, I bet you will continue using it after that.

  1. Bonsai Invoice Templates

Bonsai is the best software for freelancers and agencies.

They created invoice templates for all freelance professions: marketer, web designers, developer, photographer, etc.

Improve your invoices by using Bonsai templates.

  1. Mobirise

Mobirise is a professional website builder that you can use to create awesome, fully responsive, and quick-loading websites.

No experience or design skills needed.

Start from any of the 3500 awesome website templates and create your engaging website.

  1. Goodie

If you need a WordPress and front-end development partner for your projects, discuss it with Goodie. They are experts in the web development niche, and the service is guaranteed by the famous Xfive.

  1. Lead generation software

Use MailMunch’s complete lead generation software to grow your email list and convert visitors into subscribers and customers. The platform enables you to create high-engagement forms (pop-ups, floating bars, embedded forms, and site overlays) and landing pages. That’s not all! MailMunch’s email marketing features and integrations enable you to make the most your email list and unlock business success.

Boost conversions by up to 400% with MailMunch.

It is easier than you think!

  1. Email Template Builder

Unlayer is the easiest to embed drag and drop editor for SaaS, taking less than 5 minutes to put it on your website.

Your website customers will create spending emails and landing pages using the smart drag-and-drop editor and the included eye-catching templates.

See how it works.

  1. Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is a professional, smart, yet free to use WordPress SEO plugin that will supercharge your website, helping rank higher in search engines and getting more traffic from the existing content.

Install right now for free.

  1. Schema Pro

Time ago, it was super difficult and time-consuming to add schema markups to a medium or large website.

Schema Pro is a professional WordPress plugin that will help you automatically add the schema markups to all the selected pages in just a few seconds, by pressing a button.

  1. Landingi

Creating landing pages that look great, that are engaging and high-converting is not difficult if you use the right tool (like a driver that needs a great car to win races).

Such a tool is Landingi, it is well known by online entrepreneurs and marketers for being a super solution to create landing pages that convert.

Start a free trial and see how it works.

  1. ContentSnare

Content Snare will help you achieve something big, it will help you get back a lot of time that you can use for new projects or however you want.

This tool will help you gather content automatically from your customers and partners. Configure it in a few steps and a few minutes, and right after Content Snare will run autonomously.

It is a great fit for digital agencies, freelancers, and everyone else who receive content from customers.

Start a free trial to see how it works, no credit card required.

  1. XStore – The King-Size WooCommerce Theme

XStore is the most complete and easy to use WooCommerce theme that you can get in 2020. It has over 90 shop designs and it includes $407 worth premium plugins.

Use it to create a high-converting WooCommerce store or to supercharge your existing one.

  1. FixRunner

From time to time, issues appear on your WordPress website. You spend important time to fix them, or you don’t know how to quickly repair them?

Use FixRunner, the most affordable WordPress help and maintenance service in 2020.

These experts know how to get things fixed immediately.

FixRunner team is offering 2 ways for working together:

  • A one-time fix
  • 3 Monthly plans

Let experts in WordPress maintain and fix your website.

  1. Heroic Table of Contents Plugin

Use Heroic free plugin to automatically add tables of contents to your WordPress website.

Help it rank higher and get more traffic with this free and simple method.

  1. React Templates

WrapPixel team has designed some amazing cost-effective dashboard designs. where you can add multiple metrics from different sources into one dashboard.

Customization of the react dashboard is no longer an issue. Download today to enjoy all in one feature.

  1. Pixpa

Pixpa is the right website builder to use if you don’t have any experience or design skills.

The included templates look awesome and the smart editor will help you create engaging websites in just a few minutes.

Sign up for free.

  1. The Best and Most Popular WordPress Theme 2020

Astra is a smart WordPress theme that has over 1 million users, being the fastest growing theme of all time.

Use it to supercharge your website and get more conversions.

  1. Fotor Online Photo Editor

Fotor is a powerful online photo editor that will help you create engaging graphic content for your social media channels and websites.

It can also be used as a background remover tool, it works excellent.

  1. Opinion Stage Facebook Quiz

Do you know how easy is to launch your own Facebook quizzes? Opinion Stage is the right builder for this task, making the process fast and simple.

Launch your own Facebook quizzes with Opinion Stage, today, right now, and drive traffic to your website.

  1. pCloudy

pCloudy is a powerful mobile app testing tool that is feature-rich, and it is super simple to use.

Join over 100k happy users of pCloudy from all kind of companies, and take automated and manual testing to the next level.

Start a free trial to see how it works.

  1. Bonsai Contract Templates

Best contracts will protect you and your business.

Bonsai will help you with super contract templates that you can edit and use right away. They are the best suite of software for freelancers, being a huge brand in this niche.

Start for free.

  1. Controlio

Controlio is used with huge success by companies from all over the world to improve security and productivity.

This is a professional, complete, and simple to use monitoring software for employees’ computers. The interface is fast and the provided information is easy to understand.

See how it works.

  1. WhatFontIs – The Best Font Finder

Use WhatFontIs to identify fonts from any image, in 40 seconds and 3 easy steps. Take a picture of the font you want to identify, upload it on WhatFontIs website, crop it if needed, write down the letters identified by the smart AI software, and right after you will find out:

  • The name of the font
  • Its price
  • Where to get it from
  • For each identified font, you get over 60 free and paid font alternatives

This is the best font finder for several years now, and it is free to use.

  1. FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics is a smart cloud-based web analytics platform that will tell you what marketing efforts that you do work, and which don’t. If you have the right info in front of you, it is easy to make intelligent moves.

This is huge, most platforms are over complicated and their users don’t understand the information they see. FoxMetrics is different because it provides easy to digest info.

Try it for free.

  1. Creative Tim

On Creative Tim website, you will find awesome UI Kits, dashboards, React, Vue.js, and Angular elements and templates, and tons of high-quality free stuff.

Browse the website and check what cool products they have for you.

  1. UPQODE – Nashville Web Design Company


UPQODE is an award-winning web design agency based in Nashville, Tennessee. The agency was rated as the 2nd best web design company by TechReviewer in 2019.

The company specializes in creating websites that are mobile responsive, easier to manage, focused on generating traffic, leads, and increasing revenue. For this reason, UPQODE comprises a team of experts, who offer various digital marketing services. These services are like SEO, conversion optimization, and social media marketing.

UPQODE agency works with a diverse set of industries that span all business sizes.

  1. IP Geolocation API

From email verification to IP location, Abstract supports thousands of APIs to build delightful experiences.

Experience the power of Abstract APIs with free credits every month.

  1. Moderated group chat for live Q&A and Web Events

RumbleTalk will help you better engage your audience by adding a moderated chat on your website, for free.

Try it, it is a proven method to increase conversions and make your website visitors happy.

  1. Blabber | All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

If you need an all-inclusive WordPress theme that you can use for a range of topics, then Blabber should come to your liking. This is a versatile web solution that’s fully based on the Elementor page builder. Blabber also provides a wide choice of inner page suite for multiple purposes. What’s more, it contains a growing collection of homepage demos, which are ready to be applied for 20+ topics. The theme includes all that you need to run a successful blog, online business, or eCommerce store. It is fully compatible with a bunch of awesome WordPress plugins and seamlessly integrates with social media.

  1. FC United | Football, Soccer & Sports WordPressTheme + RTL

Enjoy working with the advanced customization options of the FC United WordPress theme. As the name suggests, this is the ultimate choice for a football club website. However, the theme is also ready to be applied to many other sports-related topics. Due to the compatibility with SportsPress, you can feel the ease of adding advanced sports tools and features to the pages of your website. It’s also optimized to be fully compatible with Slider Revolution, The Events Calendar, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and many other popular plugins. More importantly, the theme is based on the Elementor page builder and lets you modify ready-made layouts in the drag-and-drop mode.

  1. Craftis – Handcraft & Artisan WordPress Theme for Creatives

Downloading Craftis WordPress theme, you get all the tools and designs needed for the launch of a creative website promoting craftworks. The theme looks clean and well-balanced. It represents a user-friendly combination of vast functionality and comfort. There is a collection of 10+ creative homepage demos available. Feel free to choose the design that perfectly matches your own web resource. All elements of the theme are 100% responsive and ready to be tweaked in the intuitive drag-and-drop mode of the Elementor. You can also boost the performance of your website with the help of any free or premium WordPress plugin. Craftis supports WooCommerce and Elegro Crypto Payment plugins, thus making it easy for you to get a web store online.

  1.  Zento

Zento is a state-of-the-art Software-as-a-Service eCommerce platform built on the solid foundation of Magento 2 with a next-gen Progressive Web App frontend. All the tools and integrations you need to run and operate your online shop, in a modern and reliable solution. Sell everywhere, automate your operations, increase conversions, and focus on your business, not the technology behind it.


Use this powerful ai logo maker to get a superb design, WPcustomify to take care of your WooCommerce store, and all the other web solutions from this article.

Here you have everything you need to create a top website.