This is one topic that has been discussed over and over again online. Many believe in the benefits of using domain provided for free by blogging platforms. Others are more adamant in their preference for their own domain. It is actually a simple decision to make if blog owners know what they hope to achieve in blogging.


Free blogging tools like Blogger and are great as they have allowed people with zero knowledge of computer technology open and maintain blogs without much fuss. In truth, when there is no other specific goal sought to be achieved except to express one’s self online, they will do just fine for an unlimited period of time. Questions about buying one’s domain for a blog only arises when other goals are considered.

To Monetize the Blog

A blog with its own domain will fare much better with regards to monetizing goals. Businesses that deal with blogs for advertising and other forms of collaboration prefer self hosted blogs because they appear to be more professional and official. Of course, this can be the subject of much discussion since there are blogs that are hosted in free domains that look more professional than some self-hosted blogs. It has to be noted that professionalism extends beyond appearances and standing on one’s own as a self-hosted blog lends an air of credibility. Many companies believe that using blogs under sub-domains diminish their reputation in some way.

To Establish Reputation

A self-hosted blog allows for more opportunities to blog owners to showcase their difference from the rest. By not relying on ready-made templates, blogs can be made to look very unique and the only one in its league. There is more freedom to choose what plugins and features would work best for the blog. Although it would require more knowledge and skills to produce, blog owners can take consolation in the fact that they are learning while improving their blogs. Knowledge and skills obviously form part of any positive reputation of an author or blogger which is sought to be established.

To Establish Branding

Under free hosting, blogs will always have to carry with it the name of the hosting provider. This really makes it more difficult in terms of recognition and recall. In naming  a blog, it is always advantageous to make it catchy and memorable. This can be impossible to do when saddled with an automatic name extension.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.