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Blogging seems to be a preoccupation of so many people today that it is tempting to think that anyone can blog.  Technically speaking, anyone can start a blog since there are no initial requirements that is so difficult to provide as to effectively prevent anyone from doing it.  There is however a common consensus with regards to what makes an ideal blogger.  Let us consider some:

1.  Possession of knowledge or experience in a  particular subject/s

An ideal blogger brings something to the table aside from guts and belief that he has what it takes to blog.  Acknowledged experts enjoy very good online following since readers value the information and advice they provide.  These experts are expected to contribute new information to what is already available online.  Copying works of experts does not make one an expert, only a poor copy-cat.  This practice is found out soon enough and will not help a budding blogger gain his own audience.

2. Ability to Write Sensibly and Clearly

The best ideas cannot be presented effectively to an audience unless the right construction of an article is achieved.  Fortunately, technical writing can be learned but writing will only comes out unique and identifiable to a  writer if he is able to provide the heart to it.  Effective writing requires observation of technical rules in grammar while presenting personal ideas in a non-offensive manner.

3. Tenacity and Dedication to the Craft

Tenacity is sticking with something even when the going gets tough while dedication is putting a lot of effort to make something work.  These are both needed in blogging as a craft.  In essence, blogging can be considered a craft because it is a profession that requires skills if anyone is to be considered good in it.  Success in blogging does not happen overnight, without any effort, or due to some luck.

4.  Willingness to participate socially

A blogger who thinks that he can make his blog successful by himself is sadly mistaken.  He should be willing to interact socially in the online environment so that people will know just how good his contents are.  The success of any blog lies mainly on how much it is appreciated by an audience.  In the blogging world, no audience means certain doom.

5. Ability to work seriously and humorously

Blogging is serious work but bloggers should also be able to find humor sometimes in his articles , his audience, and even on himself.

About the Guest Blogger:

Jerry is a print shop owner who blogs on the side.  He blogs on various topics about his business and promotes Stinky Ink as a reliable source of ink toners and cartridges.