Image: onbile

Searching through the Internet will not be possible without a browser.  There are several browsers vying for the attention of Internet users and it can be difficult to choose which one to use.  The biggest wonder of it all is why most of the more popular ones are being offered for free when it can evidently be a big source of earnings.

Big names such as Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Opera, and Safari are all being offered as free downloads.  To think that these browsers are continuously being updated and being worked on for improvement that obviously requires manpower.  The reason being pointed to, is the natural consequence of competition.

The first one to offer their web browser for free use was most probably prompted by competition.  At a time when web browser use was still being paid for, the most logical and quickest step to arrest competition on its tracks is to go for free.  The moment that one offers the service for free, there is no other recourse for competitors but to go for the free options as well.

Several browsers’ offered free use come bundled with use of the Operating System (OS).  In effect, there is also benefit derived from offering the free browser which is actually long term patronage and the opportunity to sell other related products and services.  Computer users for now have the advantage of choice and they can even use several simultaneously.

Experience will be the biggest determinant when the time comes to make a single choice.  The one that serves the purposes of the user best can expect to have continued patronage.  Based on the more recent reviews, the top three consists of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.   The factors that were considered include the speed, security, and access capability from any computer.