Contents that are current are always preferred by readers.  Being current is not only about being the latest or the newest but also in being relevant at all times.  Time-sensitive content gets old and outdated, bearing no relevance to the current situation.  It is only good for a couple of weeks or months and will need to be replaced every so often.

When building up a site, it is important to build on existing content as well by adding newer developments on the topic instead of completely having to redo articles over and over again.  Every article has to be looked at as a permanent investment which requires careful thought and not as mere fillers of site space.  Every succeeding article can be a direct add-on or related to the main article.  Sub-categories usually evolve as a website progresses.

Contents that stand the test of time is good for search engine optimization efforts.  They provide consistency and continuity that will allow sites to obtain formidable online presence as it continues to build on its strength.  Articles will have to serve its purpose ten or twenty years from now as they do today, whether as a point of current or historical reference.

So as not to put efforts to waste, website owners are advised to minimize if not stay clear of time-sensitive contents.  Websites are expected to live on unless closed by force or by choice so contents are expected to be of the same nature.  If you must make use of such kind of content, make sure that it can be put to good use in relation to the general objective of the site.