Some of the most successful blogs are run by “ordinary” people with no technical background or writing degree—they were just very passionate about a topic, whether it be makeup reviews or parenting tips. Here are some tips on starting a blog and choosing web hosting. Follow these guidelines and you may be the next top-ranked blogger too!

Blog success secret # 1: Find your content niche

One of the most oft-repeated advice on how to make a blog is that you should create solid content. What topic do you want to write about, and more importantly, how do you want to tackle it? The best blogs attract a following because they have both well-researched content and a very distinct voice. For example, if you want to write about makeup, will you do mostly product reviews (in which case, you need to cover a wide range of brands) or focus on step-by-step tutorials and a “face of the day”?

Blog success secret # 2: Invest in web hosting

You can get free blog hosting, but the problem with that is you don’t actually own your blog and you won’t be able to secure your own domain name. After all the hard work you put into your content, why be half-hearted about how you publish it online?

It’s quite easy. Approach a web hosting service, who can set everything up for you. It’s extremely important to pick a reliable company, and to review their packages to see what’s included or not.

Blog success secret # 3: Choose a good domain name

The domain name should immediately give readers an idea of what they can find on your website. If you already have an existing product or service, then try to work in your brand name into the domain name. Read this article on choosing a domain name if you can’t decide on a name or are having difficulty finding one that’s not already taken.

Blog success secret # 4: Learn the tricks of the trade

You’ll find a lot of tips such as hostgator review that tackle things like blog contests and guest blogging. These are all helpful in marketing your site and building a following.

Starting isn’t enough!

It’s not enough to start a blog, you need to maintain it! Post regularly and interact with your readers to find out more about what they want. Invite them to send you questions, or read up on trends in your content niche.


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