The best blogs gives their readers useful and unique information. Often, this comes in the form of a top-of-class resource.

Quality resources vary across niches, but you know a quality resource when you see one. For example, take a look at Brian Clark’s 10 Step Copywriting Tutorial. It’s what everyone turns to when they want to master copywriting for the web.

Or, take Darren Rowse’s Blogging For Beginners. It’s the ultimate resource of new bloggers. When blogging firms hire new bloggers, they always send them over to Darren’s resource.

Both of the examples above feature the content of the author’s themselves. But another type of resource is the “Meta” Resource which links to the best articles on a particular topic. For a great example of this, check out my resource article that lists what I consider the 10 most important articles that all bloggers read. I didn’t write most of the articles on that list, but I know from experience which articles have had the most impact on me and my employees.

Another way to create a great resource is to truly go multimedia by integrating text, images and video into a comprehensive guide on a topic. Recently, I wrote a guide for how to develop such a resource. As an example, I created the basic structure for a resource article on Scottish tartans. While it’s just the basic framework, a more thorough job would certainly get some attention from the online tartan industry.

So there you have 4 examples to help you get a picture of what it takes to build quality resources in your niche. So what are you waiting for? Differentiate yourself as a quality blog by creating top-of-class resources today.