money question mark coinsLink building for SEO purposes and finding financing to back your business might not seem similar at all. However, if you have engaged in both, you would easily see the similarities between the two as they both aim to find ways to get more of something for the website or the business in order to get something even more important done. If that’s a bit confusing, then let’s just state in in a simpler manner, link building collects inbound links to get higher search rankings and ultimately get more traffic to a site while finding financing collects backers to get more money for capital for the business. More important though is that the traffic and capital are also just means to an end. With traffic, the end goal is to get visitors to take whatever action the website needs (e.g. subscribe, buy something, share content, etc.), and with capital, the end goal is to make the business grow.

The parallels between link building and getting financing for a business does not stop there either. It is not just in the overall strategy and goal that they are very similar, but also in the balance between risk-taking and prudence that is needed.

When it comes to finding financing for your business, there are several tacks to take to raise the money you need. You can take every single penny of your savings out of the bank, you can take out loans, find investors, get partners, and so on. Whatever tack you take though, you need to make sure that the amount you get will be enough to make your business sustainable or you’ll just end up with a failed business and a crippling amount of debt, or at the least no savings to speak of in the end. It is especially important that you have backup plans for getting additional money to tide the business through bad times. You have to realize that financing is just the first step, a means to your goal and that no matter how big your capital may be there is no shortcut to success. You can lose all that money if you are not careful and make wrong decisions, especially illegal decisions.

When it comes to link building, there are also a lot ways to get more inbound links (e.g. launching a viral campaign, guest posting, directory submissions, article submissions, etc.). But just like with getting capital, you need enough links for them to matter and make a difference with your page rank. The problem with link building though is that there are plenty of strategies that when abused can get you flagged as engaging in a link scheme and so get you penalized. It’s like robbing a bank instead of getting a loan to get money. For instance guest posting campaigns that outreach best practices can easily turn into something Google frowns upon, though it’s perfectly legit in the first place. So with link building, it is equally important to exercise prudence and stick with strategies that may not have as quick a return, such as making blog improvements, but will not end up doing your campaign more harm than good in the end.


Author Bio:

Amy Fitzgerald is a professional blogger that provides financial advice and tips to consumers. She writes for TitleMax, a title loan company.


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