iphone game app

Sometimes, exercising the brain by playing video games is a good way to entertain one’s self. It has double benefits. You not only get to enjoy yourself but you’re also using your brain to achieve the objectives of the game.

With a growing number of people owning smartphones these days, it’s very easy to find video games that can be played by your lonesome. A great advantage is you can either play them online or download the free game app and play it any time on your favorite gadget.

For iPhone users, there are hundreds of video game apps available for download. Some are free while the others require a minimal fee. We share here several new and free game apps for 2015 that can really challenge the mind.


This brain-training game by Lumos Labs is backed by research. It is fun to play and very challenging and allows the user to choose from different skills.

The Luminosity game requires problem-solving and remembering people’s names, among others. When played on a daily basis, one can be sure to improve his or her skills and scores.

This is a free game but for those who want full access, subscription is available. Lifetime membership is also offered.

New York Times Crossword

Crossword puzzle fans should try the New York Times Crossword, considered one of the world’s most-loved paper puzzles. The iPhone app is free to download and features current puzzles. Old puzzles from the newspaper’s archives are available as well.

Users can also play the mini puzzle to improve their vocabulary. It can be done in a matter of two minutes.


As its name suggests, QuizUp is a quiz game. It’s a multiple choice type that features lots of themes, history enthusiasts, geography whiz kids, language experts, TV and movie fans and general knowledge buffs.

Overall, it’s a fun game to play during your free time.


This is another puzzle game that requires two players. Each player takes turns to use the letters shown in a five-by-five grid to create a word. Each tile you use changes into your color.

The player that has turned more tiles to his or her color becomes the winner.

Two Dots

Created by the people behind the hit game Dots, Two Dots is another addictive puzzle game. It requires the player to trace lines between the colored dots or connec them making sure that the linked dots disappear. There is a required number of moves to clear the dots and if you’re not able to fulfill the goal, you will lose a life.