Like in all good things, manual directory submission requires a reasonable amount of effort on the part of site owners to produce positive results.  Directory submission is essentially submitting a site for possible listing in reputable and relevant directories.  Emphasis is placed on reputation and relevance since any listing in directories or sites that do not have both will not serve any beneficial purpose to the site making the submission.  It is therefore recommended that site owners determine first the website directories that really matter and then seek listing to the appropriate ones including special niche directories. 

In making a manual submission, site owners should make sure that they are submitting to SEO-friendly directories.  Since non-SEO friendly sites are not followed by search engines, it doesn’t make much sense to be listed with them.  Remember that the primary reason for wanting to be listed in directories is to be found by searchers.  SEO-friendly directories usually appear in the usual HTML format. 

Web directories having strict guidelines for submission employ humans to check on whether submissions are relevant to the category wherein the site is being submitted.  Choosing the wrong category can lead to the rejection of the submission.  Manual directory submissions require the completion of details pertaining to the site.  A captcha code will be required to be typed in to complete the submission since search engines and directories prefer human submissions over computer-generated ones.  

Manual directory submission is considered one of the most cost-effective SEO techniques that actually bring in results for the site.  It is the most favored among the submission modes by search engines and directories.  Successful listing therefore in worthy sites leads to higher search engine ranking.