I’ve realized something that can get you great links. You may have heard that linking out liberally to other bloggers can get you links back. This is a good tactic. But how about popular bloggers that get a lot of links or are too busy to notice every single link to their site? They get links all the time, so it can hard for your link to get noticed. So, what can you do to get noticed?

Help Them Out

One thing I tried that worked was helping a blogger out through a case study.

On Performancing, I was writing a post about how to move a page on your blog from the 2nd page of Google to the 1st page. Now the best way to do “how to” posts is have a practical example. I could’ve used one of my sites, but I wanted to get a link back to Performancing.

So, I wrote a post and used Strategic Profits Blog (SPB) as my example. I picked a juicy 2nd page keyword that SPB was ranking for. Then, I simply gave some practical tips for moving that ranking to the first page.

Here is the post I wrote:
How to Move From the 2nd Page of Google to the 1st Page

Here is the post where SPB linked back (the link is at the end of the post):
Download – Jay Abraham Mindmap + Doctrine 2 Announcement

Tips to Increase Your Success Rate

If you’re not in a how-to niche, you might want to try doing an in-depth review of the other blog. Sometimes that can get a blogger’s attention. Bloggers have egos, you know 🙂

Email the blogger and ask for feedback. I didn’t have to do this to get my link back but it can definitely help. I don’t usually ask for a link because that seems too intrusive.

Use social media voting sites to send more traffic to the other blog. To increase my chances of getting noticed, I asked a couple friends to stumble my post. SPB probably checked their stats and saw that they were getting a lot of traffic from my post because of the stumbles. This peaked their interest to check out my post. This helped a lot because I was linking to a particular post. I didn’t have a chance to use trackbacks to gain SPB’s attention.

Pick a blogger that seems like they would link back. Don’t target insulated bloggers. Target bloggers that interact with their readers well and/or link out to other blogs. I had been following SPB and I felt like the blogger would link back to a quality post that gave him good advice.


Have you ever helped another blogger and gotten a link back?