Social media marketing is one of the best methods to boost your website traffic as well as to gain more potential customers. Because Twitters is a multimedia blogging platform that allows you to communicate to over twenty three million users worldwide, it is considered an integral part of internet marketing, as long as you how and when to strategically post your tweets to entice more followers. Now, the newest and probably the best way to enhance your Twitter page is to use a more personalized background. This can help you gain more followers and make your page look a lot more interesting than other regular Twitters. Instagram is also another social media site that is earning viral recognitions. Adding your instagram photos to your Twitter account will make it more interesting and eye catching. You can do this by using InstaBG.



InstaBG is another program that you can use to easily combine the Instagram photos to your Twitter account. Instead of going through a very complex process of file conversion, with InstaBG you can directly use your well captured photo to all your Tweets. If you are promoting a brand for products or services, having photos of them will help give your name a face, it can help a great deal with your advertising campaigns. You can upload photos of interesting places you’ve been to if you’re promoting travel services. You can upload instagram photos of yourself to give your tweets a face. You can add photos of an event that you’ve been to and talk about it to give the followers more idea about what you’re talking about.