Links play a vital role in a blog. Their presence, particularly in a blog post, means the publisher or writer acknowledges their source and showing to readers that they are using authority sites as references.


Another purpose of these links is to direct readers to sites where they can get more information about the topic they are reading. Keep in mind that blog posts should not be too long to keep your visitors glued to your write-up and as such, these links are a great help.

The inclusion of links is also good for search engine optimization. Search engines like authority links from legitimate and credible websites or from sites related to the content of the site they link to. They then sort blog posts with relevant links in search results.

How Much is Enough?

Including links in a blog post is an effective strategy in driving traffic and being ranked at the top of the search results. But do remember that they have to be added in the right place. Make Google as your guide so you can be sure to land in the top search results.

Avoid adding too many links. At least three in a blog post is already enough and more than that, your write-up can be considered spammy. Ideally, the typical ratio is one link for every 125 words and going beyond that will take you off the search engine results.

Once you’re taken off the search engine results, it would be hard to get back as Google already has a record. This means that you need to stick to what Google wants when it comes to the number of links to include. More tips on how to succeed in blogging can be found on the EatonWeb blog.

How to Build Links

When adding links, the keywords you use also matter. Make it a point to put them in the right keywords to improve your ranking in the search results. They have to be relevant to your topic and most especially your niche.

In line with this, you need to create quality content all the time. Your blog posts need not be long but they have to be well-written and easy to understand so attract readers and encourage them to read through the whole writeup.

Adding and building links should be done with care because putting them anywhere in your blog post won’t work. Always keep Google in mind and make sure that you also update yourself about its formula in ranking sites as it changes every now and then.