Freelance writing is a common scenario in publications like magazines. In the online world, freelance writing has been extended to writing for blogs. Freelance writers are also known as contributing writers since they are not regular employees but rather provides articles on a freelance basis.


Quality blogs will always look for quality writers. We all know that a blog is only as good as its contents. This is the reason why not all writers will be accepted. These are some of the preferred qualities of freelance writers:

Excellent Command of the Language

Writing for others is not the same as writing for yourself. There are different standards set when someone else actually pays for your writing. There are expectations and one of the most basic is the excellent command of the language being used. The English language is usually the preferred medium of writing. In cases where other languages are used, the same proficiency in language is expected.

Some may argue that perfect English is not needed to make a blog successful. This view may not be applicable though for blogs that are in the business of providing quality information to the public. Come to think of it, putting content in a personal blog is not an excuse to be contended with sloppy writing.

Impressive Sample Work

In applying for a  writing job say via a freelance writing jobs board, it will not be good enough to say that you know how to write. Proof will be needed and there can be no better proof than previous writings done for other blogs or even with your own blogs. This is the reason why a personal blog is never taken for granted. It represents the writer in more ways than a curriculum vitae can.

You get to produce excellent writing not  by simply studying about writing. You have to write and write until you understand what constitutes good writing and not. Seasoned writers have had their shares of rejections. Perhaps it was meant to be since learning happens when mistakes are done.


The most desirable freelance writers are those who honor the value of time and respect deadlines. They also have to be relied upon that they are only uploading quality content. They know how to keep themselves within standards and even go beyond expectation.

Excellent freelance writers will not compromise a blog with poor content, copied content, and baseless content. They do what they need to do to maintain the standards of the blog. In more ways than one, they are as much a part of the blog they write for as its owners.