I want to show you one of the coolest features of the new EatonWeb.

As you may or may not not know, Google’s PageRank metric is hugely popular but does very little to differentiate between sites that have the same PageRank. On top of this, it shows some sites that are clearly less important, as having more importance than other sites.

Let’s take a few examples. First, we’ll start with two technology blogs that both have PageRank 7.

The first is Ars Technica. The second is called Have Laptop Will Travel. Again, remember that both of these blogs have a PageRank of 7. But in EatonWeb, their strength metric is very far apart. Ars Technica has a strength of 79.03. Have Laptop Will Travel has a strength of 36.21. In otherwords, we calculate Ars Technica to be more than twice as strong as Have Laptop Will Travel.

So what gives? Well, the fact is that EatonWeb’s blog metric has a much higher level of resolution and, as far as we know, takes into account more than “linkjuice” when cacluating the measured importance of a blog. In fact, this is great evidence that EatonWeb does a much better job at telling you which of these two technology blogs is the more influential one.

In our next example, we’ll consider two sports websites. This time, Google is way off on their measurement of blog importance (they get it backwards).

The first site is called Soccerlens and is one of the premier soccer/football blogs on the internet. It is regularly in the top five of the Performancing Top 20. PageRank measures this blog as being a PR 4 while EatonWeb measures its strength as being 37.71.

The other sports blog to consider is called Philly Sports Net. This blog has a PageRank of 5 (higher than soccerlens) but an EatonWeb strength of only 22.15.

Notice the disparity. In reality, Soccerlens is a much more important and successful blog than Philly Sports Net. But Google tells us that Philly Sports Net is more important. EatonWeb gets it right. Google has it wrong.

So there you have it. Some real world examples of where EatonWeb’s metric gives you a better sense of a blog’s importance than PageRank.