The goal of EatonWeb was to create an algorithm that would automatically filter the best blogs in any category to the top of that category . We figured that we could add value to the web as a directory that listed the best blogs first. Isn’t that what directories are for in the first place? To be reliable guides to the best of the web?

While we still have a ways to go before we’ve populated our directory to the point of satisfaction, there are a few categories where we feel that you can get a clear glimpse at the success of our algorithm and it’s automatic ranking of sites.

Let’s start with the category that includes blogs about science. If you visit this category and visit any of the top 10 blogs, you will be well on your way to some great science blogging.

Similarly, let’s say that you want to see a list of the best search engine optimization blogs and you navigate to the SEO category. Again, we have to say that we’re extremely proud of the blogs that get displayed on the front page of this category. You simply can’t go wrong with any of them, and collectively they are the best of the SEO category.

As the EatonWeb directoy grows, more and more categories will be exactly like the two above. And to be honest, many categories are almost there. Consider the following list:

The best celebrity blogs
The best technology blogs
The best money blogs
The best food blogs
The best travel blogs
The best sports blogs

If you’re looking for the best blogs in any of these categories, EatonWeb isn’t a bad place to start!