If there is one surefire way of getting readers’ attention for your blog, it would probably be a contest offering irresistible prizes.  This is not to say however that contest prizes should necessarily be expensive.  They just have to present value in relation to the task/s that has to be done to join and win. 

Contests that are quite simple and do not necessitate cost can attract contestants even with low priced items.  Relevance however of the prize will have to be considered to generate real interest from even among loyal subscribers.  The kind of niche will determine the relevance.  For those genuinely interested in any subject, nothing is too small to participate in. 

Blog contests should have clear rules and full disclosure of information.  This will avoid misunderstandings and more serious repercussions such as a legal complaint.  A contest is primarily used as a publicity strategy for a site thus it is best to create the kind of contest that will help the site’s popularity. 

A contest can work to enhance the experience of regular readers while attracting the participation of new ones.  It would be best to concentrate first on one aspect to allow blog owners to explore the available options.  The simpler the mechanics of the contest, the more people can join.  This in itself can be considered a success in matters of exposure for the site. 

Big-ticket prizes may require bloggers to look for sponsors.  Bloggers have to remember that entities or individuals who agree to sponsor a prize expect returns in exposure and this can only be achieved through numbers.  Being unable to generate enough interest for the contest may convince sponsors to back out and leave the blog and its readers hanging.  This will just be too bad for the site.