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What is there to blog about Thailand? Like any other country which holds the interest and attention of many readers, everything about it might just be an appropriate answer. A quick check on the blogs currently existing which actually tackles any aspect of Thai life will reveal just how extensive the interest in talking about Thailand.
Leading the pack are lifestyle and culture blogs that deal about how it is to live in Thailand. There are about as many blogs maintained by local and foreigners who have the opportunity of living in the country. Some blogs provide personal glimpses of a slice in life in Thailand while many provide information, both general and specific, which can give visitors an idea of what to expect when in Thailand. These blogs may contain information about practices, beliefs, festivities, and everyday life. A common format used is presenting Thailand through an expat’s point of view.
Another most popular blog form about Thailand tackles travel and food. It is usually difficult to separate the two since most travelers will discuss food while most food fare are associated with a specific area in Thailand. Still, there are blogs dedicated purely on travel destinations and Thai cuisine respectively.
Entertainment blogs are likewise many, mostly touching on topics like music, Thai celebrities, shopping, fashion, and the like. Event blogs can also be included in this category since most are prepared to entertain. Art is also a common topic in both entertainment and culture blogs.
News blogs about Thailand are also quite popular. These blogs do not only focus on news itself but also on Thai media as well. These blogs are important resources for knowing about opinions and personal views pertaining to Thailand.
With the great interest in Thailand, a corresponding interest in learning the Thai language has also been observed. It has been observed that several blogs are now including topics about this specific area of study since it is very important in the better understanding of Thailand. There is much to learn about Thailand and going through blogs provide an easy read to satisfy one’s curiosity about the country.
About the Guest Blogger
Elna is a professional language teacher who is currently focused on one immediate goal which is to learn Thai. She expects the added knowledge to be a worthwhile additional to her personal qualification.