Imagine two different singers auditioning for American Idol. They both have good voices. One is super confident but the other is nervous.

Who do you think will advance to the next round? Who will incur the wrath of Simon Cowell?

In music, confidence is a big thing because a huge part of the performer’s task is to make the audience feel at ease. If you’re nervous, the audience will be nervous for you or worse yet, be hostile towards you.

Blogging with Confidence

There is a similar phenomenon in blogging.

If you’re not confident, your post quality will not be high as it could be. You’re unsure of yourself, so you write “safe” blog posts. These blog posts have no life. They are basically rehashed content that can be found in other blogs on your niche. You’re afraid to take a risk and write something conceptually unique because you fear the possible criticism from your audience.

Also, you won’t have the urge to promote your blog because you’re not confident in your content.

Now you don’t want to be overconfident to the point of being arrogant and self-absorbed. That’s turns people off.

But if you’re confident, you’ll be motivated to write blog posts that are conceptually unique. You’ll take more risks that will cause your blog to stand out from the crowd.

Your readers will sense your confidence and feel at ease as they read your blog. You’ll be more likely to make specific call to actions that will cause your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed, buy an affiliate product, or join your email list.

You’ll promote your blog with more fervency. You’ll email other bloggers and tell them about your content. You’ll go on social voting sites and ask other members to vote for your posts.

Building Confidence

In my next post, I’ll talk about some ways to increase your confidence as a blogger. Feel free to subscribe to get updated on new posts.