Writing an essay may come easy to some people but it can also be a real challenge to others. Most often students starting from the elementary grades up to high school and college are required to write good essays and it gets more difficult through time. It can be an individual assignment, a part of an exam or a requirement for college applicants.

Not all students, however, know that essays come in different types. Basically, there are four major types – narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay normally tells a story of the writer’s personal experiences. As such, it is written in the first person. The goal of this essay is to engage the reader and make him or her part of the story. It should also be able to make a personal statement.

This kind of essay allows the writer to dig deeper into his or her personality as a way to better understand one’s self. You can write about how you gained insights through time, how you became aware of a certain thing or how you have developed a new perspective on the world.

Descriptive Essay

As its name suggests, a descriptive essay is one that describes a situation, a person, place or object. It should go beyond just describing, though. The main objective of this essay is to look deeper into the main topic and communicate it clearly to the readers. The use of sensory details and colorful words is ideal.

Expository Essay

The expository type is an informative one that discusses a balanced analysis of an idea, an issue or a theme. It expresses the personal views of the writer to a particular issue or idea.

When writing an expository essay, it is important to focus on the topic and ensure that what you are writing answers your question.

Providing evidence as well as facts is as vital but you need to go beyond just listing your facts. You may include them as examples to support your opinion or expound further to present your point.

Persuasive Essay

This type of essay should convince your reader to back or adopt the position you are presenting. It should include your personal opinion on the topic and must be written in a way that sparks the interest of your readers.

To write an effective persuasive essay, one must use sound reasoning and present concrete evidence. It requires thorough research on your topic.

An important point to remember here is to avoid being too emotional and repetitive with your points while writing the essay. Be straight to the point to get your readers’ attention.