One of the best ways to improve your blog is to develop more passion for your niche. Being passionate about your niche will help your blog in many areas. One of those areas is the quality of your readership. If you show a lot of enthusiasm for your niche, if you show a ton of love for your niche, you will attract readers that have that same enthusiasm and love. But if you’re not that passionate about your niche, then you will attract readers of the same mold.

Benefits of a Passionate Readership

Why do you want passionate readers?

They invest a lot in the niche. They spend more money, which makes them much more profitable readers. They spend more time, which leads to higher pageviews. Also, they are more likely to become repeat visitors (RSS subscribers).

They leave more comments. And their comments are more insightful than “normal” readers. Insightful comments = free, quality content.

They are more likely to join and interact with your blog community. They’re looking to find friends in their niche. (Passion draws like minded people together.) They want to help and support the other visitors.

They tell their friends – both offline and online – about your blog. If they have websites, they link to you. If they are social media users, they submit your content to social media sites. If they have friends, they tell them about your site.

A Practical Example

Let’s pretend you start a blog about Hawaii travel. If you’re not passionate about this niche, you’ll just attract people that travel to Hawaii once in a while. The hardcore Hawaii travel addicts will come by your site and leave quickly because they can tell your lack of passion.

But if you have a travel blog that goes all out and it is really passionate about Hawaii travel, you’ll attract the Hawaii travel addicts.

What would your blog look like? It would be an excellent, bookmark worthy resource for Hawaii travel. It would cover the best cities, the best nightspots, the best restaurants, the best beaches, the best hotels, etc. It would have content that the other Hawaii travel blogs wouldn’t have. Much of your time would be spent researching Hawaii. Not only that but you would go there 5 times a year. You would take pictures and videos of your trips and post them on your blog. You would talk about the enjoyable experiences of your Hawaii trips.

If you have this kind of blog, can you see why Hawaii travel addicts would flock to your blog? They would love your site, because you cater to their addiction.

What’s more is that you’ll still get the “normal” readers. You will attract those people that don’t go to Hawaii often. And some of those people will become Hawaii travel addicts 🙂